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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  January 17, 2019 3:00pm-4:00pm PST

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waiters, they say many but a different experience. >> greg: i'm doing this definitely. >> jessie: the move is to get white castle on a date. that is the real move. >> greg: they had done that. >> juan: it may be clams and could. [laughs] never miss an episode of "the five," "special report" is up next. >> bret: you guys always get the food. this is a fox news alert, the political battle for the partial government shutdown has devolved into a high-stakes game of constitutional one ops. one day after the speaker of the house asked president trump was postpone and cancel his union address citing security could concerns, the commander-in-chief denied access to military aircraft for the speaker and her colleagues to take a trip. he did it an hour before she was supposed to leave. all of this happens against the
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backdrop of the shutdown down almost a month old. with fox team coverage tonight, catherine herridge took to the lawyer and causes quite a stir. we begin with john roberts. there's been quite a letter from the president today. good evening. >> it wasn't quite a reaction as well. they tell fox news that it has suspended, postpone for the time being all government travel for so-called congressional delegations. the sudden postponement as nancy pelosi's delegation raised a lot of questions as to whether it was prudence or payback. >> the congressional delegation led by nancy pelosi was about to leave for joint base andrews when president trump informed the speaker he was yanking the military aircraft she was supposed to fly on. in a letter the president said, due to the shut down i'm sorry to inform you that your trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan has been postponed. we will reschedule the seven day
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excursion when shutdown is over. these postponement of her trip came after she sent president trumped a letter yesterday asking him to postpone the state of the union address. in pulling the plug president trumped called the tropez public relations events, nancy pelosi's spokesman said it was to express appreciation to our men and women in uniform for their service and dedication and to obtain critical national security and intelligence briefings from those on the frontline. the white house insists it was not a ted for tact, the president simply thought the nation would be better served by nancy pelosi sting him to negotiate with him to empty shutdown. agreed said the house minority leader. >> being speaker of the house and leaving during a shutdown that is not appropriate. especially when the speaker thinks we should not have a state of the union. >> adam schefter was supposed to be on the trip. >> whether this kind of conduct is going to continue, it is hard
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to see how it is constructive. at the end of the day, never his motivation is we will do our best. earlier today fox news asked nancy pelosi why she wasn't moving the ball forward. >> don't you have an obligation to be at the table? >> the last one we went to was a set up. we are at the table. >> the president fired back minutes later at the pentagon. >> while many democrats in the house and senate would like to make a deal, nancy pelosi will not let them negotiate. the party has been hijacked by the open border french within the party all of this happening at the same time furloughed federal progress but through 27th day off the job.
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voicing their frustration outside of washington national ballpark were senate republicans were holding a retreat. lindsey graham who does support the president's call for border security condemned both sides and the postponement saying, one response does not deserve another. it is day 27 and then shut down, it begins to draw to a close there is no sign that the two sides or any closer to even getting together to try to negotiate the end. >> bret: amazing. john roberts, thank you. the state department is instructing all u.s. diplomats and washington and elsewhere to return to work next week with pay. it says it has found money for their salaries at least temporarily and they can pay most of the employees beginning on sunday or monday for their next pay period. it is unclear if the state department will be able to continue to pay employees after the 15-day period, they will not be paid for time worked since he shutdown began in december until
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the situation is resolved. the president's top lawyer in the meantime is trying to walk back a claimant has raised eyebrows and dropped jaws in an interview last night. rudy giuliani said in an interview that neither he nor president trumped of claimed that there was no collusion with russia on the part of his campaign. appearing to lay the groundwork, that somebody not the president did collude with the russians. he tried to clarify that today, chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the details. good evening. >> his comments got so much attention because they seem to draw a distinction between the president's actions and those of his election team. >> i never said there was no collusion in the campaign or between people in the campaign. >> guess you dead. >> i have not! there is not a single bit of evidence. conspiring with the russians -- >> he is made similar statements in the past the media and
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president critics seized on the commons. >> he is a tough client, but i would have been pretty upset with his comments. >> the ranking democrat on the committee went as far as to suggest that his comments laid the groundwork for findings for the anticipated special counsel report. >> he may know more than the rest of us at this point in terms of what may be coming in future days and weeks. >> he issued a clarifying statement telling reporters, there was no collusion by president trump in any way, shape, or form, likewise have no knowledge of any collusion by any of the thousands of people who worked on the campaign. during confirmation hearings this week, william barr, the president's nominee said there is nothing in the regulations to dictate the final report as public or sent to congress. he offered assurances. >> my purpose is to get as much accurate information out as i
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can. i'm asking to commit that you will explain to us the information that you've taken out of the report. >> you would not like if i made a pledge to the president that i would exercise my responsibility and a particular way and i'm not going to make a pledge to anyone on this committee. >> former lawyer and fixer michael: who's who soon heads to jail admitted to reporting for "the wall street journal" that in 2015 before donald trump was the republican nominee, he hired a tech firm to boost his poll numbers. the direction of and for the benefit of, the donald trump as potus. it might blind loyalty to a man who doesn't deserve it. >> he responded saying michael cohen had no authority to act on behalf of the campaign and president trumped knew nothing about that. with allegations that he stole more than $30,000 from his old boss, he said michael cohen could now add any petty crimino
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his labels. government investigators say many more migrant children may been separated from their parents and the trump administration has acknowledged. a full report from the health and human services, the family separations were taking place before the spring of last year the administration announced that the zero-tolerance policy on the southern border was in place. the administration has identified with more than 2700 children as part of the court case in which a federal judge ordered families reunited. investigators concluded that the true number of migrant children separated from their parents is unknown and could be much higher. president trump wants to put a new layer of sensors and space to help the u.s. detect and destroy any missiles launched against it. it is part of the new effort to strengthen american's defenses against the deadliest pen, it sounds a bit like an old effort from the 80s. lucas tomlinson has specifics from the pentagon.
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>> president trumped announced a new missile defense plan earlier today to the pentagon auditorium. it is the first in nine years. it others for adding technology to keep pace with growing threats. >> we will have a missile defense program that can shield every city in the united states and we will never negotiate away our right to do this. >> the president wants the missile threat is increasing. >> they are increasing their lethal strike capabilities and they are focused on developing long-range missiles that could reach targets within the united states. >> president trumped not mention russia, china or north korea by name, but his new acting defense secretary did. >> north korea's missiles remain a significant concern. american competitors including china and russia are increasing their missile system capabilities. they are adding new and sophisticated missiles to their arsenal. >> this follows a standard
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trajectory, the pentagon is concerned about new hypersonic missiles that russia and turn are developing. they can travel 20 times the speed of sound and move around in space. that makes them much harder to detect and destroy. the u.s. has also developed hypersonic missiles, but a 108 report added 20 new ground-based interceptors in alaska, and interceptor site in the continental united states. it will guard against a potential expansion of missile threats including a future iranian ballistic missile. experts heading to missile defense plant is on a scale not seen since president reagan's "star wars" come already the russian government has weighed in saving a strategy will increase global tensions. >> bret: thank you. what do you think the u.s. should do to defend against enemy missiles? let me know on twitter. let me know on facebook as well. vice president mike pouncey of
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the string the leader of venezuela legislator the u.s. has aspect. it is the latest move in the effort to get rid of the venezuelan president who is beginning a second term with the u.s. and many other nations considered a legitimate spirit rich edson fills this and tonight. >> a serious internal challenge to president nicolas maduro's control of venezuela. the opposition control assembly declared he still power and the constitution allows for a transitional government to replace him. >> may god bless venezuela and their congressmen who gallantly assumed the responsibility in our country. >> that may be demand to replace him. he 35-year-old industrial engineer the president of the national assembly and she has a overseas support. >> i spoke with him just yesterday and i told him the united states will continue to stand strong with the people of
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venezuela until democracy and liberty are restored. >> the state department says it supports amp and it is time to begin the orderly transition to a new government, some in congress while the united states to move further and fully recognize him as venezuelans legitimate leader. earlier this month he was sworn in for the second term, the result of an election many believe in np in the community was a sham. he refuses to relinquish his authority >> to those who want to make fun of the constitution, calm down everyone. let them play their game of mockery because there is just as here and there is law. >> he still has some international support among u.s. adversaries. venezuela is in an economic crisis on china and russia have invested in and billions. last month venezuela announced $6 billion in russian investments in oil and gold mining. >> the approach of undermining governments the united states does not like is a priority of
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their activity. it is in latin america and other regions. 3 million venezuelans have fled their country to escape hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages and violence. more than a million of them have gone to neighboring columbia. >> bret: rich edson, thank you thank you. democrats seeking to replace those governments later are making some big moves of their own. many of the 2020 2020 financial contenders in the democratic side are taking their once moderate positions and veering to the left. correspondent peter doocy tells us why. >> democrats who want to get darlings of their party's progressive wing get a do over. she is also known by more than half of democrats and independents. credential a brand is one of the 2020 contenders reshaping more moderate moments from her past like saying sorry for being so strongly against illegal immigration.
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>> i was calloused to the suffering of families who want to be with their loved ones. people want to be reunited with their families. >> she apologized for speaking out against gay marriage. >> i regret that. i remain committed to fighting for lgbt equality. >> pedal or work from a relatively moderate for a democrat is now wondering out loud if america might want to abandon the u.s. constitution, quoted by "the washington post" as saying, can't an empire like ours with over 170 countries around the globe trading relationships and security relationships, cannot be managed by the same principles that were set down 230 years ago? today progressive's are pressuring the california senator camilla harris for not being progressive enough as a prosecutor. it explains the top prosecutor has the power and the imperative to seek justice in case of
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conviction, that means conceding and overturning them rather than the obligation she turned legal technicalities into weapons so she can cement injustices. earlier this week she tried to leverage guilt while interrogating william barr about the bob mueller pro. >> if i disagreed with that i would not. >> the trop platform isn't expected to be that different, when it comes to challengers in the 2020 field that is forming, democrats are looking t other candidates and at themselves and trying to stand out by stepping to the left. >> bret: peter doocy up on the hill, thank you. of the next play professional basketball star in america is considered an enemy of the state in one country, we will explain. first here is what some of our affiliates are covering around the country. talks resume between striking teachers in the l.a. unified
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school district, this is the fourth day of the teacher strike the air. they are demanding higher pay and smaller class size has. the district says there's not enough money. box 32 in chicago, three police officers accused of trying to cover up the 2014 shooting of a black teenager to protect another officer who pulled the trigger are found not guilty today. the officer who shot him 16 times was convicted of second-degree murder in october and will be sentenced tomorrow. this is a lab look at me work from fox five, our fleet they are big story, a reprieve for sears, the company's chairman and largest stockholder has 18 encrypts the auction. he was the only want to put forth a proposal to rescue the floundering company in its entirety, he had screened has paid multiple times to more than $5 billion. that is tonight's lab look outside of the beltway from "special report," we will be right back.
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♪ >> this is a fox news alert moments ago the white house announcing its delegation that was said to be by lead by steven mnuchin will no longer attend the world economic summit in switzerland saying out of consideration for the 800,000
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workers not receiving pay and to ensure his team can assist as needed, president trump has canceled the trip to the world economic forum. that is from sarah sanders a few moments ago. this after the president canceled the military airport for the speaker of the house a democratic congress and lawmakers to head overseas to a number of different stops. facebook says it has removed hundreds of russia linked pages, groups and accounts, it says they were part of two big operations targeting users outside the u.s. these social media companies as its latest effort to fight misinformation came after it found two networks that engaged in coordinated, and authentic behavior on facebook and its instagram service. when the new york knicks lustily washington wizards this afternoon in london, one of their top players was missing that is because he says he is afraid for his life and is wanted in his home country only
3:22 pm
terrorism charge. tonight's senior correspondent tells us how a basketball star in america has become an enemy of the state in turkey. >> what i'm doing is way bigger than basketball. >> he is a nearly 7-foot tall center for the new york knicks was has the only thing he terrorizes is the rim. turkish president erdogan says he is the enemy of the state issuing the arrest warrant and seeking extradition of the turkish national because it's ongoing outspoken criticism of erdogan's role. >> those guys are terrorists. that shows that there is no freedom of speech in turkey. i was trying to be the voice. >> he said he had to skip his team's trip to london this week for a game against the washington wizards fearing he could be killed or kidnapped their by erdogan willis. he and his family had been longtime followers of exiled muslim cleric who now lives in
3:23 pm
pennsylvania. he is accused by the turkish government of orchestrating a failed attempt in 206-0100s were killed including dozens of police and upwards tens of thousands of supporters were arrested including his own father was facing years and a turkish prison. he regularly blasts erdogan on hitler calling him the hitler of our century and says there is not a single piece of evidence of my wrongdoing. i don't even have a parking ticket in the u.s. he spent today on capitol hill meeting with lawmakers including marco rubio to call attention to the plight of erdogan. >> it is a dangerous situation. >> he says he can't walk the streets of new york alone anymore, but he won't stop speaking out to try to force positive change in his homeland. >> bret: rick leventhal, thank you. next, why there's new optimism about another summit between president trump and the creamier kim jong un.
3:24 pm
first, beyond our borders tonight. head of the united nation mission is a shooting incident, the retired touch general and to stop or monitoring a cease-fire and withdrawal of bible forces from a key port in yemen. striking schoolteachers and other servants checked on central athens for hours today, they are protesting new hiring criteria for teachers be considered part lawmakers. about 3,000 people took part in the protest outside of the parliament building, disrupting public transportation for about five hours in athens while police diverted traffic away from that area. british prime minister theresa may will not attend the world economic forum in switzerland next week, the white house delegation was no longer going, her office says she is skip in the event because she is focused on domestic matters. yesterday she survived a no-confidence vote one day after her brexit plan was rejected by lawmakers. just some of the other stories beyond our borders tonight.
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♪ >> bret: their indications tonight that a second summit between president trump and the north korean leader kim jong un may be on the horizon and soon. we will not know more tomorrow after a white house meeting involving a key korean envoy, here is greg palkot. >> cass was coming to washington
3:29 pm
again? reportedly the right-hand man to kim jong un, traveling from beijing. when he was at the white house last year he brought a message to president trump, paving the way police and singapore's comments. u.s. officials say he is bringing another message to the present and could another meeting. >> he seems to be in the driver's seat when it comes to figuring out when these meetings will happen. >> vietnam is reportedly a possible location for the meeting, the 2007, summit showed help from our foes could become friends. >> there's been less firmly talk between north korea and the u.s. lately while reconfirming their commitment to denuclearization, the regime has been making more demands of the u.s. while president trump was relations are his administration admits there are a few gangs. >> the president says there is promising dialogue, we still
3:30 pm
wait behind north korea to dismantle the nuclear weapons that threaten our people and our allies. >> mike pompeo is also said to meet the president of south korea, other meetings are wrapping up in advance of a possible summit, some warn that should handled with care. >> we have really serious questions about whether or not a second summit will deliver the results that we want. >> a possible new summit could come as early as tomorrow, it is expected the meeting won't happen for a few months. tempest without some diplomatic pumps. >> bret: greg palkot in london, thank you. another good day for wall street and the u.s., the dow gained 163, the s&p 500 finished ahead 20 and the nasdaq was up 50. the trade tensions between the u.s. and china may be about to ease a bit, perhaps that effect in the market. talks are scheduled later this month alone negotiations in beijing.
3:31 pm
susan lee of the fox business network joins us with details. >> closer, but nowhere near completion on a u.s. trade deal. the white house and the u.s. treasury refuting reports this afternoon, the u.s. was weighing the lifting of some trade tariffs on chinese goods with the administration saying, no new tariff decisions have been made. they did confirm that trade talks are moving to higher levels at the end of this month in washington, d.c., the two main players talking face to face. economists are that is encouraging, enough agreement between the two sides to move discussions to the next level. one complication might be the world's second-largest smartphone chipper, he might be facing criminal charges in the u.s. of illegally stealing trade secrets. some cases including one that alleged a employee physically stole parts of a robotic testing
3:32 pm
advice from t-mobile and took pictures without permission. >> we tout the true intentions behind us, it does not only inconsistent with the rules of free and fair competition, but also comes the spirit of the rule of law if they expand and politicize civil cases the return and arbitrarily use state apparatus to surprise 20s business as. >> we were unable to confirm of any pending criminal investigations against hallway, germany is the latest country ts with the company during the u.s. u.k., australia, japan and new zealand neither blocking him or viewing access. >> bret: thank you. it is getting really nasty between president trump and nancy pelosi over the partial government shutdown, the latest move, the reaction in washington what comes next. will get reaction from the panel when we come back. ♪
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>> i think everyone else with the state of the union as. >> we haven't heard yet, we will cross that bridge when we come to it. it is but a very silent 24 hours. >> president from denying a military jet for nancy pelosi. nobody has told them yet that they have to get off the bus. >> it is unbecoming of the president of united states, it is a daily occurrence. >> i'm shocked that she thinks she can leave the country. >> this is completely inappropriate. >> bret: this is quite a day. after the speaker of the house said, you should do the state of the union address but some security concerns, today she had some lawmakers writing overseas,
3:38 pm
just before they left this letter came out from the president. "due to the shutdown i'm sorry to inform you that your trip to brussels, egypt and afghanistan has been postponed. we will reschedule the seven day excursion when they shut down is over. in light of the great american workers receiving pay, i'm sure you'll agree that postponing this event is totally appropriate. i also feel that during this period met, it would be better that you were in washington renegotiating with me and joining the strong border security movement to end the shutdown. if you would like to make your journey by flying commercial, that would certainly be your prerogative." our friend and frequent panelist amy walter tweeted out, we are now in what historians would call, the era of american politics. there is where we are. let's pardon our panelists. charles hurt, the opinion editor for "the washington times." the associative editor of clear politics, editor in chief of the
3:39 pm
washington beacon. >> i was waiting to see how you would announce that term. >> bret: washington has been dysfunctional for a long time. the last couple of days, it has been a very outward expression of that. for a lot of people it is a relief. it is like okay, it's have the fight in the open. the problem here and i think donald trump in that letter and kevin mccarthy say this as well, the government is shutdown and maybe they believe that the crisis on the border is manufactured, the crisis here is not. why are you not to your negotiating? the big question remains, what are the principles that the two side stand for? we know the principle that donald trump stands for it which has to do with border security. what are the principles that nancy pelosi stands for? they want to save money? we don't have a very good track
3:40 pm
record. they want a more efficient way of dealing with the border? they don't have a very good track record with that either. the political fight here at the end of the day is beneficial to the president. >> bret: democrats pushed back releasing the delegation is going to adamo's attorney show the cancel that. the president say , stick around and don't go there. obviously they are important for lawmakers to get a sense of things on the ground and talk to nato officials in brussels and military leaders and afghanistan, what about not negotiating? the speaker being out of town for however long she would be. >> i cannot imagine -- but there are millions of people suffering, there is a huge ripple effect on the president is being informed about the economic damage of the shutdown, he owns that on december 11th. people are really hurting. to watch cable news today if
3:41 pm
you're one of those people, i cannot imagine what it is like to watch the coverage of this political smack down. i actually agree with the outcome, i don't think there should be a seat of the union address will the government shutdown. i think odell is not an emergency and it can be postponed. the nato commander's pizza assurance right now, they are afraid that the u.s. president will pull out of nato i don't think it is right to expand any resources whatsoever with all of these things that can be postponed. i think it is better that both ends were canceled. >> bret: lindsey graham has been active in a lot of these different parts of the shutdown and everything else, he tweeted, "one sophomoric response does not deserve another. that is very irresponsible completely political. president trump denies to visit troops in afghanistan, that was also inappropriate." >> on one level it is not surprising.
3:42 pm
what is the one quality that has always attributed to president trump? the fact that he is a counterpunch. what did nancy pelosi expect when she said, we can't have the state of the union because of security reasons, i'm sure they would've found work around that. and set up saying i will hold a speech anyway or i will give the speech in a different location, he still may decide to do that still come here, he retaliated as he usually does. this dynamic illustrates why we are no closer to reaching a compromise that we were last month. both sides are now firmly entrenched they are playing to their base. you've 80% of democrats telling nancy pelosi, don't give them any money for the ball. you 79 republicans telling president trump, we need that wall or else. how we reach a solution? >> there is a lot of focus and coverage of republicans breaking ranks and saying we need to open this now and negotiate the border later. what about the democratic side?
3:43 pm
is there if you do like feeling? he says the compromise is possible, walls work sometimes. >> i sow he said and he made the point that the state of the union offer had not been rejected. it is been postponed. on this impasse the democrats are aware of these political traps. president trump intends to swap all of 2019 and all of their message moments and everything they want to do on voting and protection and restriction, transparency is and that. everything they wanted to do on the house floor, medicare for all, he intends to swap that. no matter what. they are going to be blamed. all these freshman democrats who executes whether they were trump seats or clinton seats, they will be primed by their constituents for coming to washington and voting no not helping reopen the government. they also realize this is a
3:44 pm
tactic by donald trump that if he is indulged, it is not a negotiation. he wants the wall and he hasn't offered them one thing that would bear him politically. he walked out of the table last time they met. for the wall, i'm going to do this for the dreamers. where is that? i'm so -- i was in this chair and i said last week, it was great that they're coming with a compromis compromise. >> bret: doesn't require democrats to say, okay we are open to that. not $1 for the wall, we are not giving any border security. >> i truly believe that if they are working together, they can come up with a compromise that can really be a policy exchange that the democrats would beat post into voting. there is nothing on the table that they can say is a win for
3:45 pm
them. >> bret: he made a very good question, is the wall immoral? he made it very clear, he does not think the wall is immoral. putting some distance between him and nancy pelosi. some of these freshman who come in and are more apt to try to make some kind of deal believe that okay, let's spend some money on more funding. at the end of the day it keeps coming back to the same question and that is, when you move all the tit for tat, the big picture fight of donald trump was fighting for border security, both parties for 30 plus years have failed to do anything about that release failed to fix. you have them on that side and you have democrats in congress are going against doing that. the political fight is an easy win for the president. it is easy for us in washington
3:46 pm
to focus on the hysteria around the shutdown, you get outside of washington, the shutdown is not that big of a deal. >> charlie, i beg to disagree. >> the point of the federal government is not to create federal jobs, i feel terrible -- >> where are those salaries? the barbershops, the car mechanics, the grocery stores, they are completely offended by the fact that people have no paychecks. >> there was a poll by "the washington post" last week, the single biggest number was the 80% of people who said that they've not been personally affected by the shutdown. >> people in washington are getting all worked up about this, it does mean the rest of the country does. >> bret: certainly people are feeling it. next tab, democrats beer and
3:47 pm
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♪ >> i'm running for president of the united states, i want to represent our country, our whole country. we have to restore the integrity.
3:51 pm
>> the american people are looking forward to it as a leader to bring us together and not actually talk like kathy country is entirely wrong about everything they believe. >> i'm running for president because it is time for new leadership. it is time for new energy. >> this is a problem with so many issues. you have leaders who get stuck in his partisan arguments. >> bret: he thought it wasn't here, it is here. the race for 2020. take a look at the list, the potential list of democrats. some of them are making plans to come out, npr, pbs, they are doing favorable and unfavorable. the top five they are, joe biden, bernie sanders, cory booker. one of the things you've noticed is this effort to track left because the power, the passion is on the progressive side.
3:52 pm
>> there is we were talking just recently about that. the majority of democrats identify themselves as liberals. all of these potential candidates are all packing left. you're not thinking what it means for the general election. i believe there is this overconfidence among democrats that president trump is unpopular to such a degree that basically any democrat will be able to beat him in 2020. i don't think that is the case. when i see this field emerge, so far it lackluster. they're not very accomplished people people who have professional campaigns at this point. 1988, there were seven who ran and a 2020 we will have the 20 smurfs. it is the same thing. [laughs] >> bret: that was a clickable moment. i want that noted. one of the people coming out, kirsten gillibrand from new york was on rachel maddow's show last night. she has evolved quite a bit on
3:53 pm
some other issues and she pressed her on them. >> ten years ago when i became senator of new york state, a family which has lost her daughter, a teenage girl who was shot when i met the parents and classmates realized the pain and suffering that they were going through, i knew i had to do more and had to be a strong voice for that family and all the families who suffer from gun violence. >> bret: that is about guns and the national rifle association. a number of evolutions for some of these candidates. >> donald trump involved in this political career from democrats to make democrat to republican. elizabeth warren has been republican. mitt romney has certainly evolved. we are seeing that with a lot of these candidates and we will continue having these discussions. that is not really new to the process.
3:54 pm
what stands out right now about -- and i agree, nobody is really standing out. there is no center left voice right now. if joe biden wants to get there, nobody is pushing back on the socialist progressive message right now. >> bret: except the governor of maryland, he is campaigning. >> he is not getting a lot of attention. people are talking about them taking anti-israeli positions and they are getting the most oxygen. that is set in the term for the field because there is no one to come in and say, let's move the party back. >> bret: he has not had a great week, the disappointment in the constitution, maybe it doesn't work. >> too much information. this is why if you don't like what is going on in washington, it is not going to get any better. all of these candidates will drag the party farther and farther to the left. it is going to become the worst thing any of them could do, to make any effort whatsoever to
3:55 pm
come up with any sort of compromise with president trump or any republicans. >> bret: to compromise thing is not working here in washington. panel, thank you very much. when we come back, a double portion of honesty and integrit integrity. ♪ nick, nick, we need a decision. these days we all feel a little anxious sometimes. but if you could see inside my mind; you'll find i go to my happy place. see if we let tensions run the show up here, then our bodies won't perform at their best out here. wait, aren't we going to the sound check? priorities. so i'm partnering with cigna, to remind you that how you're doing emotionally affects you physically. go for your annual check-up and be open with your doctor about anything you're feeling. physically, and emotionally. body and mind cigna. together all the way.
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4:00 pm
it belonged to disabled veteran mark walsh, and he was so grateful for their kindness, he gave the girls all the cash in the wallet. the sisters say they plan on saving most of the money, they plan to spend a little bit but, that's good. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight, that's it for this "special report." fair, balanced and operated. "the story" hosted by martha mccollum is up next. >> martha: breaking, no more because she shut down for those at the top. good evening everyone, i martha mccollum. you knew the silence from the president would not last forever. for 20 far hours, the clock ticked and no response from the president. nancy pelosi suggested what he could do with the state address. but today he came up with a positively grinch stole christmas like plan.


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